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Ever wonder if there was a book that put it all together – ‘God’, UFOs, secret societies, sacred science, inconsistencies in the Bible, similarities to other spiritual teachings, Jesus, the end of the world, the power of love, the frequency of being – plus a Way to live through it all in peace? Maybe you have a handle on it all – but know someone who doesn’t? Surfing the Tao is an attempt to nutshell all the strange goings-on in our world together with a Way to do something about it. Don’t lose your faith; crystallize it with a higher perspective – Surf the Tao!

Available through as an E-book, paperback or hardbound edition, or through other online or local booksellers. Buy it from or Barnes and Noble.

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Back Cover of Surfing the Tao: A Revolution of Free Will

Surfing the Tao combines powerful information regarding an alternative version of our reality with a simple Way to overcome its daily trials. Consider deeply buried mysteries about UFOs, the pyramids, modern warfare, Biblical technology and prophecy, and learn to discern them from the truth about God.

A secretive and selfish elite has kept spiritual knowledge as well as Earth’s true history and science hidden from the masses for centuries. Today, technology, religion, politics and apocalyptic scenarios continue to serve their agenda of ultimate global control.

Be aware of these forces, but never give in to fear. The battle is not fought in the outer world, but in our minds and spirits. Use your free will to fight back. Understanding fractal and geometrical realities and choosing love to become part of the Force of God helps the spirit explore a higher potential. Turn away from the self-centered physical illusion, and learn to internalize love in a daily walk. Learn to create a new reality in harmony with the Tao. Just by changing our minds, we can change the world.

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