Angela V. Michaels

Author of Surfing the Tao: A Revolution of Free Will. Angela V. Michaels strives to increase awareness of our spiritual natures as well as the news, technologies and agendas in our world which influence them.

I am hesitant to admit that a profound spiritual experience propelled me to start writing, because it wasn’t the experience that was so unique, but what I discovered when I looked back out into the world. I realized that a massive Machiavellian misdirection by our world’s belief systems had hijacked our ability to see truth within ourselves. Instead, people were either ignoring the spiritual altogether, or simply swallowing what others had set before them, without further thought. The human race was losing its connection to its Spirit, and therefore its ability to discern the real truth, especially in terms of the strange and unexplained.

“The Master observes the world, but trusts his inner vision.” -Lao Tzu

2 Responses to “Angela V. Michaels”

  1. Shirley T Carpenter Says:

    I am most grateful for your book. It truly encompasses all that I have been ‘taught’ & have learned for the last 48 years. To have a ‘summary’ of all this in one place is marvelous. I have already purchased copies for my three (grown) children. God bless you for all of your effort & time involved in doing this. It is a major contribution to our world.
    Gratefully & with love,

  2. Alexsandra Says:

    Hi there
    Enjoying this site…and wondering what version of the Tao Te Ching are you quoting from? I like the translations.
    thank you
    London, UK

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