A little off the subject for me today, but my brain is full of RSS feeds and tagging and widgets.  Blogging is a rapidly growing and changing world!  At least for my generation – hey, I grew up with Pong, I have a lot to learn!  As a self-published author I’ve done most of my marketing online so I’m constantly searching for more places to put my stuff.  Thanks to my smart and wonderful stepdaughters, I’ve entered the world of blogging and social networking sites.  It’s been a great way to keep myself involved in the topics that interest me, and to find other like-minded people.  Here’s to all the people that work hard coming up with new gadgets, designs and ideas.  I look forward to more.


However this rapid advancement can also mean that you can do something on one site that you can’t do yet on another.  Frustration at Blogger led me to WordPress and I’m happy to find some things are easier there; on the other hand, since I’m not into CSS yet (hey, I can find HTML code now and know where to put it, that’s saying a lot for me!) I went back and decided I liked some of the things about Blogger too.  Maybe I’ll just keep them both for awhile and see which one works out to be better.  I’m still learning and I like the different options and people on all of them.  But between my pages on Blogger, WordPress, Myspace, Zaadz, Vox, Tribe; even experimented with Freewebs just because I could; and now there’s stuff like tag clouds,, Digg it, Technorati, Open ID, and the various feed readers – as a neophyte it can be difficult to absorb it all.  But – also a lot of fun.  Here’s to surfing, dudes!

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