The Perfect Wave

Some of you might already know a little about me and how my life changed so drastically nearly eight years ago. Since then I’ve seen the world, and the Universe, with new eyes and an awakened soul, now charged with pointing out the strange and impractical as I’d never seen them before.

My book, Surfing the Tao: A Revolution of Free Will was published nearly three years ago now; sometimes I’m asked if I will write another, but so far every time I’ve tried to start, that same strange book keeps coming out of me again – nearly word for word, no matter how long I’ve put it aside and refused to look at it.

That is despite the news and recent events I could probably add, and of course three more years of continued research which I am still compulsively driven towards. In the end, the point remains the same and the mission goes on as before. In that sense nothing has changed.

It is a slow but powerful mission; some days seem stagnant, others surge with answers and further possibilities. I sometimes wonder; should I be doing more? But the answer is always the same: it has a life of its own now, and must be allowed to grow at its own rate.

Something like learning to surf, then waiting for the perfect wave. It’ll come eventually.

5 Responses to “The Perfect Wave”

  1. Casey Kochmer Says:


    We are all riding the same wave..

    and slowly

    as friends, as fellow travelers, as explorers, as a helping hands, as the curious, as more discover peace of the way

    It will make a difference.

    I feel the same as you. You are not alone, and neither am I as we simply move with our lives.

    Peace Angela

  2. ilachina Says:

    Hi Angela,

    Wonderful, reflective post. We are indeed all “surfing” on an ethereal ocean, only sometimes catching glimpses of “something” behind the veil of reality. Those brief moments are, as you know, intensely intoxicating. I had my first such moment when I was about eight or nine, while riding in a car with my mom (to pick up a TV of all things!;-) I KNEW then and there WHY I was here, what HERE is, and so on. The intensity of that experience I have never forgotten; and I have had it a few times since. The most recent of which were while on a walk on a trail on Whidbey Island, WA about 15 years ago, and a few times while taking photographs (of nothing in particular).

    On the theme of transcendent realities…I do not remember if I sent you this link before (or you had seen itm on my blog), but here is a fascinating project the “Global Consciousness Project”:

    (IF you can’t read the whole link, its the Feb 2005 posting on my Blog). The claim on that site is that the world’s group consciousness can, in some sense, “see” beyond time; and offers, as an explicit example, a rather remarkable confluence of coincidences that *predates* the 911 attacks by a considerable margin (hours?). Its hard to describe in a few words, but well worth perusing to see a fascinating phenomenon (if real); and possibly another glimpse into distinctly unconventional worldviews….

  3. Kingsley Says:

    Yes – tis no accident we are here in these ‘interesting times’…

    we can’t coerce our parts, only play them with a grace…

    all immersed in the water of the wave…

    Hope you are well 🙂

  4. Casey Kochmer Says:

    You are welcome AV 🙂

    love and peace as always

  5. Zoe Says:

    I couldn’t agree more with you Angela and all the comments!
    It’s interesting how the process seems to go through an ebb and flow of sorts.
    It reminds me that we can only learn something new when we are receptive to it and sometimes life gets so complicated that we miss it altogether. Times of simplicity and introspection help me through a stagnant patch.

    ; )
    Hope you are well, also!
    Zoe xxx

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