Mercury Retrograde

Hello, readers and fellow bloggers. Usually I like to post little articles or info here but I’ve been busy and distracted lately, so I thought I’d write a short personal entry. We’ve had company this summer; it was nice to see everyone but it kind of zaps my otherwise ‘thoughtful’ energy. Also all kinds of weird things have been going on. Some friends have told me Mercury has been in retrograde since July 4 – I’m not huge into astrology and usually don’t follow these things, but I have to say things have been WEIRD – one thing after another. People getting strange illnesses, cars getting stolen, other various run-ins with traffic tickets and confrontations with authority, relationship weirdness and just basically bad vibes. As my husband puts it, there is a disturbance in the Force! Current events in the Middle East, the earthquake/tsunami, and the heat wave/power outages are just other examples of how things seem to swirl together to create a feeling of general unease.

I have been concentrating on staying centered and unaffected, but it’s not easy. Simple, maybe, but not easy. I’ve been trying to stay under the radar and not make any big movements or decisions, at least until Mercury does its thing, I think it’s until July 28. Again, not that I put all my faith there but hey, better safe than sorry. Maybe I’ll be more inspired next month! Anyone else out there had a weird month?

“The Master observes the world but trusts his inner vision. He allows things to come and go. His heart is open as the sky.” –TTC #12

3 Responses to “Mercury Retrograde”

  1. ursasmaller Says:

    I also am not knowledgeable about astrology, but the correlations seem uncanny sometimes…. if so many people swear by it, there must be something to it.

  2. Casey Kochmer Says:

    my friend has been having similiar experiences with mercury in retrograde and life being strange. She was breathing a sigh of relief yesterday as the moon was shifting around.

    On my front I never noticed any strageness more than normal. Of course here in olympia nothing is ever normal, so I wouldn’t put too much stock in my observations as for example… someone put a 3 foot tree on my desk and it took me 3 hours to even notice it, yet when they removed the feather hanging on my desk to test me, i spotted that missing right away… or in other words I tend to have a different slant anyways…

    🙂 thanks so much for the support I always appreciate your comments in my blog entries, it does make a difference to me 🙂

    hopefully August will be better for you 🙂

  3. Sitara Says:

    I read astrology everyday, but do not lve my life in the fear of its preditions. Sometmes it helps to understand why somethings happen when they happen.
    Mercury retrogade made your month weird, I am still trying to figure out what is making my whole year (so far) wierd! :). It has been the worst year of 48yrs of my life and I still have another 4 months to go, – if it runs in yearly cycles.
    Yet in this bad year, something good came out, I found your blog, it hs been a tremendous help. Thank you for your postings.

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