Beam Weapons

Click on the title above for the MSNBC article. From LOS ALAMOS, N.M. – There is a new breed of weaponry fast approaching. They are labeled “directed-energy weapons,” and they may well signal a revolution in military hardware — perhaps more so than the atomic bomb. Directed-energy weapons take the form of lasers, high-powered microwaves and particle beams. Their adoption for ground, air, sea, and space warfare depends not only on using the electromagnetic spectrum, but also upon favorable political and budgetary wavelengths too. After more than two decades of research, the United States is on the verge of deploying a new generation of weapons that discharge beams of energy, such as the Airborne Laser and the Active Denial System, as well as the Tactical High Energy Laser, or THEL. Then there’s Active Denial Technology — a non-lethal way to use millimeter-wave electromagnetic energy to stop, deter and turn back an advancing adversary. This technology, supported by the U.S. Marines, uses a beam of millimeter waves to heat a foe’s skin, causing severe pain without damage, and making the adversary flee the scene. By tuning the resonance of a laser onto Earth’s ionosphere, you can create audible frequencies. Like some boom box in the sky, the laser-produced voice could bellow from above down to the target below: “Put down your weapons.”

2 Responses to “Beam Weapons”

  1. Kingsley Says:

    Yes – these advances into electromagnetic warfare takes military action from the physical into the unseen: from exterior attack into interior infiltration. Some similar comments have been made about the HAARP technology based in Alaska – see the work of Nick Begich and Jerry E. Smith.

    Also, check out this book on energy warfare: ‘The E-Bomb: How America’s New Directed-energy Weapons Will Change the Way Future Wars Will Be Fought’ by J.Doug Beason

  2. A.V. Michaels Says:

    Thanks for the note. I indeed have Begich’s and Smith’s books, so I’m always paying attention to this stuff. I will check out the one by Beason you recommended.

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