Monatomic Gold: The Philospher’s Stone

In his 2003 book Lost Secrets of the Ark of the Covenant, author Laurence Gardner explained the rediscovery of monatomic gold, which he claims could be the alchemical Philosopher’s Stone, used by the ancients to “feed their light bodies” – or travel to an “alternative dimensional state of being.”

PGMs, or platinum group metals, were first (re)discovered in the 19th century. But when a wealthy cotton farmer named David Hudson discovered the mother lode on his property in Phoenix, Arizona in 1976, it revived an age-old mystery. Hudson was treating his soil with chemicals, and found that a certain mineral had the unusual ability to “flare up in a blaze of white light and totally disappear” when exposed to sunlight. During spectroscopic arcing, the application of intense electrical heat, part of the atom becomes white light – its weight seems to disappear, but actually it is just removed to an alternate non-physical dimension. It looks like a white powder, but behaves as a stone, is said to change colors, produce brilliant light and deadly rays.

Hudson patented his discovery as ORMEs – orbitally rearranged monatomic elements, in the late 1980s. (Note the 1991 Bruce Willis movie called Hudson Hawk, about a gold machine.) He also began contacting scientists who were researching a new fuel cell technology, and found they had been having problems with white light explosions. In their experiments, the metals seemed to fall to about half their weight, seeming to disappear from sight until cooled, when they would miraculously reappear. They had discovered superconductors. A superconductor contains a flowing ‘liquid’ light, like a plasma, with a null magnetic field. This meant they could levitate, and the magnetic field surrounding the superconductor is called a Meissner Field.

ORMEs are said to have extraordinary powers of levitation, transmutation, and teleportation. The Institute for Advanced Studies in Austin, Texas calls it ‘exotic matter’, capable of bending space-time. They theorized the material resonated into an alternative perceptual vision, another dimension of space-time, and could enable speed-of-light travel.

Science had officially rediscovered the Philosopher’s Stone. In ancient times, the method and manufacture was known only to metallurgical adepts of the Mystery schools. They knew this special ‘powder of projection’ could ‘transmute human ignorance into the spiritual gold of enlightenment.’ Indeed, application of these atoms to human DNA causes the DNA strand itself to become a superconductor. Several articles have been published suggesting its use to treat cancer. It is known that gold and platinum metals in their monatomic high-spin state can “activate the endocrinal glandular system in a way that heightens awareness, perception and aptitude to extraordinary levels.” It also caused those who ingested the material to glow, or shine. There are several mentions of glowing faces or countenances in the Bible.

In the Bible, the substance was known as showbread, the ‘bread of the Presence’, and manna (which means “What is this” for the question continually asked in amazement). The Pyramid Texts call it “mfkzt” or “white bread”, and it is depicted in various hieroglyphs and bas-reliefs as a conical white stone. Some believe it was contained in the Ark of the Covenant, thereby explaining the strange deadly rays said to emanate from it.

This Philosopher’s Stone, called firestone by the ancients and ORMEs by modern science, seems like a rock, looks like a powder and can be eaten like bread. In fact, today you can even buy it online. But though some attest to its healing qualities, I question whether it is necessary for our ascension to the higher realms, or whether it’s just a way to artificially ascend without true love or faith. Is it a ‘fast food enlightenment’, a white bread of empty calories? Since this discovery, considerable sums of gold have suddenly been stockpiled, or disappeared into thin air. When the IMF announced the sale of large amounts of bullion, said to benefit poor, gold-producing nations, instead the plan devastated these fragile small economies. Somewhere, noted author Gardner, certain anonymous ‘buyers’ were able to amass huge amounts of gold at a bargain price. As Lao Tzu reminds us, “amass a store of gold and jade, and no one can protect it.” Now who do we know with a lot of money?


2 Responses to “Monatomic Gold: The Philospher’s Stone”

  1. Kingsley Says:

    This is interesting material. i have long suspected that the ‘transmutation’ occurs through an effect upon one’s DNA structure which is part of the self ‘meta-programming’ (to use Leary/Lilly terminology).

    Pauwels + Bergier in their ‘Dawn of the Magicians’ when referring to a possible encounter with Master alchemist Fulcanelli mention a ‘conversation’ that refers to a reaction upon one’s atomic structure within the outward physical alchemical proceedure.

    Now biophysics is identifying research into DNA biophotons that act as holographic fields which can be influenced to in-form the body’s resonance (see work of Mae Wan-Ho).

    Science meets shamanism meets long understood processes.

  2. mfkzt « Surfing the Tao | Says:

    […] Monatomic Gold: The Philospher’s Stone […]

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