“I maintain that Truth is a pathless land, and you cannot approach it by any path whatsoever, by any religion, by any sect…” – Krishnamurti

The Theosophical Society (“TS”) was established in 1875 by Helena P. Blavatsky and others interested in the study and explanation of ‘mediumistic phenomena’. Blavatsky claimed to have studied with the ‘Ascended Masters’ in Tibet, and upon her return to New York City she supposedly engaged in various psychic feats such as channeling, levitation and clairvoyance. Many consider this to have been the first instance of the “New Age” spiritual movement, and its teachings, rituals and symbolism has been linked to the occult. Indeed Blavatsky equated Lucifer with Jesus Christ, writing “Lucifer is divine and terrestrial light…”, and was instrumental in forming the Lucifer Trust in 1920, now called the Lucis Trust, which still works today to carry out a Luciferian “master plan” for establishing a one world government under their “Lord of the World”. The Lucis Trust still has ‘consultative status’ with the United Nations, and carries influence with the world’s most powerful political and business leaders.

As a child, Krishnamurti was ‘discovered’ by leaders of the TS, as they believed he was to be the next ‘World Teacher” or Master of their system. According to Krishnamurti himself, he did indeed experience visions of the “Ascended Masters” and for a time accepted what he was taught in terms of the rituals and system of the Theosophists, as well as his future position as their next “World Teacher”.

However Krishnamurti took his own revelations to a higher level one day when he experienced a powerful vision of the truth, and soon after he left the TS against the wishes of its other members. He began to teach that, “No one can give you liberation, you have to find it within…” He no longer wanted to be part of any structured system, explaining instead that his “Beloved” could be found “in every animal, in every blade of grass, in every person who is suffering, in every individual.”

This caused great upheaval within the TS, as they were used to having someone tell them their Path, and had looked forward to being high-ranking disciples of this Teacher and the rituals that went along with it. Instead, Krishnamurti told them that “all ceremonies are unnecessary for spiritual growth,” and that it is better not to have mediators or gurus who could someday betray the Truth to them. From then on, Krishnamurti refused to be a part of any spiritual organization, recommending instead that people discover the Truth from within themselves.

In other words, Krishnamurti had learned to Surf the Tao. He realized that the ultimate Truths were not to be found in any outer organization, but within the hearts of people themselves, and that it was up to each person to discover this. We can indeed find truth of this “Beloved” in many books, but they are not necessary to our own paths towards enlightenment. Those with ulterior motives of power and control still try to use such truths for their own agendas, creating and maintaining strict ritualistic and ceremonial societies in an attempt to misguide and betray. But the true masters know that the real truths can only be found from within, as we learn to Surf the Tao.

As Krishnamurti told his former followers, “…You can form other organizations and expect someone else. With that I am not concerned, nor with creating new cages, new decorations for those cages. My only concern is to set me absolutely, unconditionally free.”

Quotes from Krishnamurti: The Years of Fulfillment by Mary Lutyens, Avon Books 1983.

2 Responses to “Krishnamurti”

  1. The Rambling Taoist Says:

    I think Jesus was presenting this same kind of message (that is now lost on the so-called “Christian” church!) At least Krishnamurti wasn’t crucified for surfing his Tao.

  2. A.V. Michaels Says:

    Jesus is such a touchy subject, isn’t it…but I SO agree with you!! I’ve been thinking a lot how to present my thoughts on Him…

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