Aliens: Gods or Demons?

In my book I discuss the alien phenomenon; that some kind of non-human visitors, custodians, or watchers, have been among us, perhaps for a very long time. Authors such as William Bramley (“The Gods of Eden”), Jim Marrs (“Alien Agenda”), David Icke (“Children of the Matrix”), Picknett & Prince (“The Stargate Conspiracy”), Whitley Streiber (“Communion”), and Erich von Daniken (“Chariot of the Gods”) suggest this is the case. They cite UFO sightings around the world, ‘abduction’ experiences, and secret government facilities and cover-ups. Strange evidence found in cave paintings, medieval art, the Nazca lines, and crop circles, as well as artifacts like the Dropa stones (found in China), the large stone spheres found in Central America, even megaliths like the pyramids and Stonehenge, leave us with an uneasy feeling that there is, or was, something going on we aren’t aware of. Authors Colin Wilson and Rand Flem-Ath in their book “The Atlantis Blueprint” point to evidence that these ancient megaliths are connected, arranged around the Earth along powerful geodesic ley lines, “critical points on the earth’s surface where the ancients could tap a universal energy flowing through the planet.” (p. xxiii)

Today many people believe these ‘aliens’ and/or ‘ancient gods’ are still around us, or perhaps on their way back to us; they work hard to spread awareness of these strange beings, believing that they are ‘good guys’ who want to help us rid ourselves of war and finally create a world of peace. Of course their very presence might stop religious divisiveness at once, as we would realize that these are the true ‘gods’ of our world; the New Age movement, well-intentioned as it may be, is full of this type of talk.

Unfortunately, as Picknett and Prince point out in “The Stargate Conspiracy”, these strange beings have a sinister past. They trace their communications to humans through occult organizations and suggest that, “The sugar coating of exciting ideas about returning ancient gods is designed to conceal a bitter pill indeed – which, in all innocence, millions seem happy to swallow.” Websites like,,, and work hard to spread the idea that these are not good guys, regardless of their ‘message of peace’. Wolves must come in sheep’s clothing or we’d never pay them heed!

When you learn to Surf the Tao, these questions become easier to discern. ‘Bad guys’ don’t ride this wave – instead they create structure, rules and rituals, appeal to our pride and ego, and want to be worshiped. ‘Good guys’ don’t confuse or complicate the simple message of love, nor do they seek glory for themselves. It’s a subtle but important distinction. Next time I’ll talk more about the good guys.

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