Fractal Art

I learned about fractals while researching my book. Since then I found some great stuff online including how to design your own! “When mathematician Benoit Mandelbrot discovered a complicated new fractal set of equations in 1975, it led to a fundamental scientific re-categorizing of our reality. Suddenly there was order in chaos..he had discovered equations governing our reality…’clouds, coastlines, tree branches, commodity proces, word frequencies, turbulence in fluids, stars in the sky, a reputation, fame, the passage of history of itself…-all are fractal shapes.'” (Surfing the Tao, p.193) Awareness of fractals can open the mind to a new way to comprehend reality, an alternative to hierarchical and dualistic principles which presently govern our world. Not to mention they are fun, and can be truly beautiful!


6 Responses to “Fractal Art”

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