Fractal Art

I learned about fractals while researching my book. Since then I found some great stuff online including how to design your own! “When mathematician Benoit Mandelbrot discovered a complicated new fractal set of equations in 1975, it led to a fundamental scientific re-categorizing of our reality. Suddenly there was order in chaos..he had discovered equations governing our reality…’clouds, coastlines, tree branches, commodity proces, word frequencies, turbulence in fluids, stars in the sky, a reputation, fame, the passage of history of itself…-all are fractal shapes.'” (Surfing the Tao, p.193) Awareness of fractals can open the mind to a new way to comprehend reality, an alternative to hierarchical and dualistic principles which presently govern our world. Not to mention they are fun, and can be truly beautiful!

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Welcome to Surfing the Tao. If you’ve read my website, you know that Angela V. Michaels is a pen name. The material in Surfing the Tao is much bigger than just one person – it’s not about me, but about finding truth. I wrote the book and started the website, and now this blog, to discuss some controversial subjects along that path. If you are interested in spirituality, the paranormal, God, quantum physics, UFOs, global conspiracies, the battle of good and evil, and end-of-the-world scenarios, you’re in the right place. Though my perspective may seem strange at first, I plan on elaborating on the plethora of information out there to state my case. Please feel free to comment and respond anywhere along the way.